Fulli, c'est bien plus qu'un joli nom.

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It is access to all our enriched services to better accompany you in all your mobility.

With Fulli, benefit from our new complete and intuitive ecosystem of services. 3 reasons led us to create this. We aim to:

  • information
    To save you time on your journeys
  • voiture
    To help you optimize your energy consumption
  • serein
    And above all, make you smile again at the idea of moving

Notre écosystème Fulli a une mission, vous faire vivre la route autrement

  • sérénité
    Serene journeys

    We are here to help you avoid constraints and to manage unforeseen events. All you have to do enjoy your trip to the full.

  • simple
    Simplified mobility management

    We guide you in the full organisation of your journeys, as well as your rest and relaxation.

  • Connecté
    Connected services

    We are here to deliver the right service at the right time and to give you back your smile.

Guillaume H

A word from our Managing Director

"Every day, we contribute to the mobility of the future by supporting our customers in adopting new habits. With Fulli, we are developing the first complete and intuitive services ecosystem, to streamline the journeys of our customers and positively enrich their travel experience. Fulli is ideas, services and solutions for streamlined mobility, with everything at your fingertips.”

Guillaume HERENT Managing Director of APRR and AREA
fulli bien plus qu'un nom

The 5 Fulli advantages for serene travel:

  • Badge_Télépéage
    Our electronic toll badge

    saves you time at each toll and simplifies your payment on the freeway and in parking lots. 

    A smooth and comfortable journey.

  • Recharge_electrique (1)
    Our electric charging card

    has everything to give you access to the largest network of compatible terminals in France and Europe.

    An accessible journey.

  • trajet
    Our Fulli areas

    have everything to offer you a moment of incredible relaxation and leave full of energy.

    A trip in all serenity.

  • Bornes
    Our service stations

    have everything you need to fill up smartly at the right price.

    An efficient trip.

  • Connecté
    Connected services

    have everything to inspire you. Our mobile and voice applications help you locate available electric charging stations, the nearest playground for your children and even your favorite restaurants.

    A trip that's always connected to your desires.

Fulli has everything to give you the best travel experience.
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Mango mobilités customer ? Using the KiWhi Pass card?

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No problem, continue to use all your usual services.

Of course, you keep all the benefits of your current offers and subscriptions. The management of your accounts does not change. Your customer area is accessible at the same address and will soon be accessible via our future site fulli.com